What are we without love? Getting our priorities right.

In our last few posts we've seen what can happen when a Christian or a church puts too much emphasis on only one aspect of our responsibilities towards God and towards each other. One way this can happen is an over-emphasis on challenging false teaching and rejecting from the church those who promote it. If [...]

What are we without love? Finding balance between two extremes.

In the last two posts we saw the two extreme positions that churches can end up in when they lose sight of that which ought to be the foundation of all Christian thought and behaviour. The church at Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7) had with great zeal tested anyone who wanted to be a teacher of God's [...]

What are we without love? Avoiding one extreme: Ephesus

In our last post we saw that the defining characteristic of a true Christian is to be motivated by love. This should be the foundation of every Christian's faith. We also saw that Christians can easily lose sight of this, instead basing their faith on either having a correct set of beliefs and practices or [...]

How to grow as a Christian (part 5) – what are we without love?

What is the hallmark of a true Christian? How do you tell a true church from a false one? You could ask those questions of a variety of different people and get a variety of different responses back, but most of them would probably centre around one of two things. Some might point to Bible [...]

How to grow as a Christian (part 4) – do you really trust God?

In previous posts we have looked at some of the crucial ingredients required for the Christian life. Today we come to one more: the need to trust God. That sounds so simple. Of course we trust God. Don't we? Why wouldn't we? What does it mean to trust God? First, it means to believe that [...]